August 9

Persuasive text

School uniform should not be required

I think school uniform should be optional. Most students don’t like wearing a school uniform. I have three reasons why to back this up. My first reason is that it doesn’t let children express their individuality and unique talents. My second is that some uniforms are hard to buy and thirdly, it will let students wear things for the activities they do.

It doesn’t let children express themselves for who they are                                                                                                                              School uniforms don’t let children express their unique talents and individuality. If schools want children to be themselves, then don’t have a school uniform. Having a school uniform represents everyone being the same, everyone being an image of someone else, everyone being a shadow. Schools don’t want to look like one big prison with everyone wearing the same clothes so you can determine where they’re from. If students don’t have to wear a school uniform then they can express their individuality. Expressing your individuality is important because it shows who you are. If we all look the same then it’s like not having a life of your own. 

Some uniforms are hard to buy                                                                                                                                                                          Some uniforms are hard to buy. If you take the Wilderness school uniform for instance, they have brown stockings and their school uniform shop is the only place you can get brown stockings. Also, blazers. Blazers at most schools are approximately $280.00. That is very expensive and if there are no uniforms then most people can spend that money on lots of clothing rather than one piece.

Letting student wear things for what they do                                                                                                                                                    Not having a school uniform will let students wear the things they like, are comfortable or suite the activity they like. Some parents and teachers think that if they don’t have a school uniform that students have to put on every day, they’ll think more of fashion rather than school work. Despite this I don’t think they’ll think more about fashion since it is up to the parents to decide what children wear or approve of what they’re wearing. When the children wear their own clothes most students say that it is more comfortable. Even though some uniforms might have sporty shorts or blue shirts, students still say that their own clothes are more comfortable. If children don’t have to wear school uniforms, the parents can choose the outfits compared to what the child will be doing at school. If the student is running around at recess and lunch, then jeans, t-shirt or long sleeve top and sneakers are better than a long dress and ballet flats. 

In conclusion, I strongly believe that uniforms should not be required for these following reasons: Uniforms don’t let children express themselves, Uniforms can be very expensive and that it lets students and their parents wear and choose the right outfit for the child’s lessons, recesses and lunches.

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October 31

My dream job

My dream job would be to live out in the wild in Africa and help all the wild animals in Africa. When the animals get hurt, I would take them back to my house and help them to recover. Once the animals have recovered, I would relese themback into the wild slowly and carefuly. I would also work part time at a shop called ecolateral and be a part time travell agent.

May 22

How to train your dragon

27 facts about how to train your dragon.

1. How to Train Your Dragon was first a book by Cressida Cowell. The movie originally followed the plot of the book very closely but was then changed to make the movie more interesting to older audiences.

2. Toothless was supposed to be just a common “garden dragon,” but was changed to be a Night Fury, the rarest of the dragon species. He was also originally red and green in the book.

3. The director of Lilo & Stitch joined the How to Train Your Dragon team, and it’s said that Toothless is made after Stitch. He was also given dragon traits and a black panther design. His large ears and eyes easily illustrated the emotion.

4. Toothless makes many different sounds throughout the movie, most of them are a combination of domesticated cats, tigers, elephant seals, elephants and horses.

5. If you pay close attention, you can spot Toothless in the opening DreamWorks scene. He flies by on the right. Blink and you’ll miss it!

6. The sounds of the Terrible Terrors were created by using the growl of a Chihuahua named Paco.The sound designer of the movie saw the dog on YouTube and contacted the owners. Paco was paid $100 for his “voice.”

7. Gerard Butler voices Stoick, who is supposed to be 7’2″ tall in the movie.

8. There is a drawing on Hiccup’s wall that resembles the time-travelling Flux Capacitor from Back to the Future.

9. Gobber has 14 different hand attachments in the movie.

10. Hiccup is the very first teenage main character in a DreamWorks film.

11. Hiccup lost his leg at the end of the movie because the directors wanted it to appear more believable that he was hurt after a battle. The movie was screen tested with parents who approved of the scene.

12. The movie has a score of 98% on Rotten Tomatoes and was DreamWorks’ highest grossing films – other than the Shrek movies.

13. How to Train Your Dragon 2 was also a HUGE success, and there will be a How to Train Your Dragon 3 coming out in 2018. With characters as lovable as Hiccup and Toothless, it’s no wonder the movie was so amazing.



14. During the scene where Hiccup meets Toothless, he tries to touch him. Toothless shows hesitation, but this was actually a mistake by the animators. It ended up looking really good and was left in the film.

15. In the book, Toothless is a little iguana sized dragon much like the Terrible Terror. The directors changed this as they wanted a dragon Hiccup would be able to climb onto and that would have a design helping it emote better.

16. At one time, one of Toothless’s animator stuck a ball of duct-tape on his own cat’s tail for reference which ended up perfect for this shot. (actual footage of his cat he used)

17. Animators had to attend “flight school” during production. It is a acceptable program in which they would study flight physics and movements of different creatures for realism. After graduation, they each even received a certificate.

18. Throughout the film, Hiccup admitted he can’t kill dragons while the other Vikings boast about all the dragons they’ve killed. But, Hiccup is the only Viking we actually see kill a dragon in the whole movie.


19. HTTYD features lots of beards and fur. Not only are beards tough to rig but designing them is also tricky. Stoick’s beard alone took months to make.

20. In their efforts at giving HTTYD a more epic and cinematic feel, the filmmakers turned to eight-time Oscar nominee Roger Deakins (Skyfall, Prisoners, The Shawshank Redemption) to help with the movie’s visuals.

21. Astrid’s character isn’t in the original book. She was created especially for the movie. (but I believe she is partly from camicazi.)

22. Dragons had their own language in the original books. So the team decided they should only communicate physically so they’d feel more animal-like.

23. The eye opening as Toothless’s wing passes by was an accident in the animation process. The filmmakers kept it because it looked creepy and very fitting.

24. When Hiccup reads the Dragon Manual, the writings in it are actually in plain English made into runes.

25. Every time a dragon is about to spit fire, you can see it gather gas in its maw. The only exception is the Zippleback which uses one head to release gas and the other one to spark it aflame.

26. Before Toothless brings Hiccup and Astrid to the dragon’s nest, we get several shots of other dragons. Pay attention to one shot of a Monstrous Nightmare; it can be seen holding Gloria, the hippo from Madagascar.

27. When it came out in theaters, HTTYD was praised for its use of 3D during the flying sequences which some people claim was better than Avatar’s which came out around the same time.



19 Fun Facts About How To Train Your Dragon

May 2

Week 7 blog challenge

Activity 2

My digital footprint is mostly positive but some negative. My digital footprint has me going to lots of sites, some for school, some for home. I sort of like my digital footprint because when you search my name there are only photos of the Greek goddess of spring. same with my last name but it is a place.


Activity 3

I am pretending to be in a debate. I am supporting both sides. The topic is “it is better to have a negative footprint than no footprint at all. We are starting on the affirmative side.

It is very good to have a negative footprint rather than none at all. What I think is that if you don’t have one at all it’s like you don’t exist! If you actually do exist then you do have a bit of a footprint unless you were born at home with only your mum and dad, you never went out of the house, you never went on any technology and all you did was read books in one room and not look out the window.

Now we are going onto the negative side.

Well having no footprint is actually better. That means that when your grandparents are looking at your footprint they aren’t ashamed of you because there will be nothing there. You might feel a bit like you don’t exist but it’s worth the cause. Plus you would be able to look out the window because no one can make any footprint out of that. You can also go into other rooms like the kitchen, dining and living.

Back to the positive and they are rebutting.

Well if you look out the window someone could see you and then that is one digital footprint that they could make for you, that you were there at that time. And okay that you can go into other rooms but if you were living in and apartment there might be room service so you will have to go into another room when room service comes otherwise the room service person will see you and make a footprint out of that. And just to add in, your mum and dad will have to get a job so that hey can have money for the bills as well as food and clothes. When they go, if you have a man come in to do clean up he will see you then.

The negative is rebutting for that.

Well your mum and dad could be retired, when your retired the bank gives you money so you could live your life. With that money they will by food and clothes and pay the bills. When your parents go out and the man comes in to clean up, you can just hide so he won’t see you or you could get the sign that says ” do not disturb” and put it on the door until your parents come home. and from before you could do other things not just read books, you could draw, play with your pet (if you have one) or play with your toys. You could also go in the corridor when no one is looking and be very quiet.

Personally I think that it is better to have a negative footprint rather than no footprint at all. And even if your grandparents look at your digital footprint, they will always love you.

April 10

Student blog challenge

If you go onto the student blog challenge site for week 4, you will see that the first sentence will be ” Did your class remember to take part in earth hour last week?” My class didn’t but my whole street did. My whole street turned off all electricity! Next, it will say “Did you or your class discuss or take part in any of these events? 1: Memory of the victims of the holocaust. 2: International mother language day. 3: International woman’s day. 4: UN day for the elimination of racism. 3: UN world water day. 4: UN world meteorological day.” My school took part in international women’s day.

Also, it will be asking you to choose something that effects the whole world and do something about it. I am choosing the rainforest. There is something I want to get out there about the Rainforest. It is estimated that within 100 years there will be NO Rainforests! That is only one reason why I am choosing this problem.

What I am doing about it is that I am sponsoring 1 acre of forest. I am also making an iMovie which I will put on this post.

Here is the iMovie.

April 10

Cat comp

Hi, Maia here,

I am making a competition called the cat comp. What you have to do is: I post a cat with 6 names underneath and you have to guess the name from the 6 I give you. If you are doing the cat comp you have to check every Monday if there is a new cat and you have to be committed!


This is the first cat:

1: Snowy

2: Princes

3: Slinky

4: Fluffy

5: Astrix

6: Kitty


Inspired by Maddison, here is her blog:

This is Maddison’s horse comp

Week 1